Bird Houses for the Pacific NW

Moorecroft Bird Nesting Boxes

A very successful fundraiser for the Moorecroft Stewardship Committee (MSC) which also engaged many new volunteers in awareness and active support of the Regional District of Nanaimo’s improvements to Moorecroft Regional Park has been the design, construction and sale of Bird Nesting Boxes.

Lynne Brooks initiated and coordinated all phases in the production, offering her work space and knowledge of native bird habitat requirements.  Members of the Arrowsmith Naturalists constructed the boxes of donated materials. As the boxes sold the MSC heard of successful nesting of cavity nesting native birds suffering severe habitat loss.

Features of these beautiful houses include:

  • Constructed from locally sourced, long lasting cedar
  • One inch-thick boards provide proper insulation
  • Planed and fitted so that seams are tight, providing a draftless, warm and dry interior
  • The roof shape ensures even internal temperature
  • The recessed floor has extended sides to wick moisture from the sidesSmall holes in floor provide drainage when needed
  • Easy access for cleaning and monitoring through a side door with a rotating nail closureExterior-grade screws used for durability
  • Aspen shavings are provided for the box bottom
  • An important information sheet is found inside
  • Diamond shaped hole stops English sparrows
  • NO perch = NO access for predators!
  • Appropriately sized hole allows access to only native bird species!

To purchase one of the few that remain, come to the Art in the Garden event on July 19-20, 2014.

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