Native Plantings

Oregon Grape


In May 2013 900 native plants were planted on sites where cabins had been demolished, along the trail to Vesper Point and in the former playground area.

Volunteers worked under the direction of Richard Wahlgren of Streamside Native Plant Nursery along with Margaret Paridean, Regional Parks Planner and Chris Van Ossenbruggen, Regional Parks Operations Coordinator, Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN).

RDN Operations Crew members were: Jonathan Lobb, Travis Oman, Dave Wheldon and they were assisted by Steven Godfrey of The Nature Trust.

Volunteers were: Hugo Sprenger, Dianne Anderson, Terri and Peter Smith, Alana Buchanan, Deirdre Lott, Liz Holme, Diana Young, Mary Bendsen, Carolyn Dodd, Jo Graham and David and Pam Helem.

Native plant species were chosen for their heartiness and appropriateness to the sites.  They were:

  • For Forst with Shade:  Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, Big-leaf Maple, Dull Oregon grape, Salal, Saskatoon berry, Huckleberry, Snowberry
  • For Moist Areas: Lady Fern, Salmonberry, Maidenhair fern, Skunk cabbage, Ocean Spray

For information about using and purchasing native plants suitable for your garden, contact Streamside Native Plant Nursery in Bowser or NALT’s Natural Abundance Native Plant Nursery in Cassidy.

Special thanks to Shawn Flynn of GreenMax Enterprises, Manager of the woodlot next to the park, who gave the Moorecrofters access to woody debris needed to naturalize the planting sites.   And to Quality Foods for providing snacks and beverages for the workers.



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