Dogs in the Park

Thanks for staying on trackFew places are more beautiful than Moorecroft to take your best friend for a walk and people from near and far take advantage of the views and the solitude.

However, it is really important to note that the majority of the park (93%) is managed under a Conservation Covenant for the purpose of ecological protection. The park’s primary goals are to protect and enhance the natural environment while providing low impact recreation experiences.

Fencing installation, limited trail access through natural areas, restoration of disturbed areas and dogs on leash rules are necessary strategies for protecting these sensitive habitats.

In order to maintain this unique environment for future generations, PLEASE respect the rules and keep your pets on a leash.

Check out the following YouTube video by the park caretaker, Guy Monty:

One Comment on “Dogs in the Park

  1. If you walk with your well behaved and friendly dog what needs not to be on a leash – stay away from this park. The caretaker can be very rude and seems to be a dog hater.

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